Suppose a man from Mars comes to earth and wants to know what is a piano, how will you describe it to him. You will be struggling to describe what is a piano, we are so used to the piano as a musical instrument that is well known and a necessary part of music, particularly in Western music, that we will not be able to give full justice to its description. Western music, be it classical, jazz, rock, or blues is not complete without a piano.

Pianos come in many types, grand piano, or upright piano with the keyboard. It is not easy to learn to play piano, one has to learn from a trained teacher, who knows which key produces which sound and which finger needs to be used to press it. The piano teacher guides a student to use one finger, whole hand, right or left or the combination of both hands. A touch on the wrong key and the whole piece of music sounds strange and weird. So if you want to learn piano properly, you need to join top piano courses. Everyone has to start with a beginners course, even if you want to become a professional piano player or a music composer you need to join a beginner's course first, where a tutor teaches the rudimentary art learning the notes of music, fingering, and how to read the music from the music sheet. It takes hours of doing boring fingering exercise, where you keep on hitting the same key with the same finger, for hours an end, till your ears get attuned to the musical note produced by that particular key.

Once you have become familiar and comfortable with all the keys, you are allowed to play basic tunes, like Baba black sheep, or twinkle twinkle little star, before you are can play real classical piano music of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and others. To get the mastery in playing classical music, you have to become a master. As a master you can take part in a piano festival. However, before you can take part in the piano festivals you need to take music courses on the international levels, where students, who want to become professionals, music teachers and pianists who have just started their careers, take music lessons in piano. After successfully completing a master's course, you are ready to take part in one of the  famous piano festivals, at international level, where renowned piano players come from all over the world to play and compete with each other.

The list of the piano festivals is exhaustive;  some of the famous piano festivals held in Europe and America such Atlantic Music Festival, New Ross Piano Festival, and Miami Music Festival.  Pianists from all over the world perform to the delight of the audience. In the United Kingdom, two popular piano festivals are Battersea Piano Festival and the Birmingham Music Festival. The Birmingham music festival is a  competition, where experts can try to win the competition and by learning piano you can participate in any event easily.

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