SSD hosting is a virtual hosting organized on a disk array of solid-state SSD disks. SSD disks show their maximum speed and performance for hosting online stores, blogs, portals, as well as other sites using large databases.

SSD technologies have long been firmly established in the everyday life of both ordinary Internet users and experienced IT specialists. SSD (solid-state drive) is a storage device that allows you to develop the maximum speed of downloading information.

SSD hosting – why such a choice is important

SSD drives for the hosting industry are a big leap forward from the aspect of improving the quality of hosting. Loading websites hosted on SSD hosting is 1000 times faster compared to conventional hard drives. This creates a noticeable increase in the performance of sites due to the high speed of reading SSD drives. And, $1 Hosting Canada is called to be the best for small to medium sized websites.

The situation in the context

A certain number of users host all virtual hosting services on their servers. Therefore, this type of hosting is called Shared hosting — all users share server resources among themselves. In practice, many users of such a shared plan sometimes feel the negative impact of a more visited and louder project that occupies the server cache memory with their data on themselves and on their site. To provide information to visitors of such sites, the server takes them from the disk.

A huge number of sites can be located on one server, often there are situations when various data are simultaneously requested from the hard disk (there may be hundreds or even thousands of requests at the same time). This reduces the speed of access to sites, your visitors will have to wait until the site loads, which is not very profitable for you if you are the owner of the site. And, 1 Dollar Hosting on SSD drives solves this problem. SSD gives zero access time and a traditional HDD cannot be compared with it.

Advantages of SSD hosting

SSD hosting has no moving parts, therefore, a breakdown is excluded. The SSD uses a new generation of chips. At the same time, a traditional HDD includes many technical elements that consume a huge amount of energy and limit the speed of data transmission and reading.

High power of information transmission. Thanks to the use of SSD technologies on the hosting, the server performance increases.

Stable operation even under heavy load. Even with the maximum server load, for example, during a data backup or an antivirus check, the site works stably. This greatly increases the reliability of the site.

To take SSD hosting or not to take

Today, the development of SSD technologies is dynamic. The prospects for the use of ultra-high-speed drives are gaining more and more momentum in the Unlimited Reseller Hosting industry. Many experts say that SSD technologies are the future of the entire hosting industry.

After such statements, the question about the expediency of using hosting with SSD is rhetorical. Of course, use it! After hosting an SSD, you will not be able to do without it.

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