Learning to play piano is not an easy task, it takes hours of practice, under the guidance of a teacher, who has passed an exam to give piano lessons. If, you want to become a good piano player, you need to start learning to play piano from a young age. Parents, who want their children to become musicians, start piano courses when their child is young or studying in the school. Piano teachers who are experts in teaching the piano are in great demand. The lessons are conducted either in the evening, after the school or during the weekends.

This means the child, who is tired after attending a whole day at school and who has to go home and complete his homework, has to spend an hour or more taking piano lessons. This puts a great burden on a child, who even, if he is interested in learning piano, is not able to concentrate fully on the lesson, as he is very tired. To circumvent this difficulty many parents send their children to the summer piano courses, which are conducted during the summer holidays, when the schools are closed and the children are fairly free and can concentrate and enjoy piano lessons. The Summer courses are conducted for all levels of pianists, for beginners who are learning piano to the masters who want to improve their skills of playing. If a summer piano course is held near your residence, you can easily drive your child to the avenue where the summer course is held, have your session and drive back. It becomes a little tiring but, if you want your child to become a professional pianist or a part of a band, you do not mind the long drives. However, it becomes a little taxing if your child wants to play games, or you have some other work, and have put everything on hold to drive him or her to a piano session.

It becomes a little tedious; however, there is a solution to this problem as well. There is an option a piano summer school, where both boarding and lodging is provided and you can enroll your child to learn piano during summer months. This option is a little costly, you will not only have to pay for the lessons, but also for boarding  and lodging as well, but if you think your child's talent must be encouraged at all cost, you would not mind paying the extra money. These types of schools also cater to the mature musicians as well who want to concentrate on playing classical music on piano, without any disturbance. These courses cater to the people who have been playing piano and want to become experts; the duration of the course depends on the wishes of the student, the size of his or her pocket, the type of music they would like to master, learning to play Bach takes some time, but if you learn light music you can stay for a few days.

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