While browsing for a travel system or a car seat, you probably came across the term i-Size. I-Size is a  new European safety standard (R129) which runs along (but doesn’t replace) the current car seat R44/04 regulations.


Would you like to find out more? We are here to help.


What exactly is an i-Size car seat?


It’s a new European safety standard also known as R129. It was first introduced in 2013 and it aims to provide children with additional protection and safety in a vehicle. It is important to remember that the i-Size directive is not a replacement of the current R44/04 directive, they simply run alongside giving parents an additional choice when buying a car seat for their child Double pram Ireland.


How is it different?


A key difference is that it allows children to Travel system prams UK in a rearward facing position until the age of 15 months, as many studies done over the years prove that it’s safer for babies to travel in the rear facing position in a vehicle.


They are classified by height rather than weight of a Child car seat to make it easier for parents choosing the right car seat.


Additional side-impact protection for extra safety in case of a vehicle collision.


ISOFIX is mandatory for i-Size car seats in order to minimise the risk of incorrect installation of the car seat Pushchairs and prams UK.


Note: Car seats known as infant carriers (with a carry handle) are an exception. They can be safely installed with the seatbelt.


 Will the R44/04 standard be replaced by i-SIZE?


At the moment, both standards run alongside each other. They might eventually be replaced but no date has been specified yet Baby prams 3 in 1 UK.


 Why is it safer for a baby to travel facing rearward?


It is safer for a Baby Strollers UK to travel rear facing due to their developing bone and muscle structure. Babies are born with larger head and their neck muscles have not enough strength to prevent their head from being thrown forward when the incident occurs. In the rear facing position, their head is better supported during a head on collision.


Infababy puts safety first with all of our products, that’s why Infababy now have a range of travel systems where we have included car seats which have the i-Size regulations as standard.



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