Employment lawyers do not deal with the ordinary law suits; they specialize in labor laws, and fight cases of employees who are wrongfully terminated by their employers. The employment lawyers cover the relationship between employers and employees. Apart from obligations, rights and responsibilities they also specialize in other matters, including the safety of the employees in the workplace, discrimination or termination for reasons that are not right. They deal in all areas covered by the labor laws; there is no doubt that labor laws are very complicated and contentious and can be interpreted in many ways.

If you are working in any company in New York, and if you are faced with a wrongful termination, discrimination on gender or racial issues, which infringes on your right as an employee given under the labor laws, enacted by either the federal or state government, you can consult an employment lawyer. If you are located in the city, go through a list issued by a trade journal, which highlights employment lawyer NYC. Select a name, call or personally meet the lawyer of your choice without hesitation, it is your right as an employee given by the laws of the land and no one will question it. The lawyer you have engaged will treat your case as unique and will tailor strategies that would suit the circumstances, instead of applying the same strategies for all cases. Whether you want to fight a case for not getting severance of vacation pay or your employer refuses to give you a reference letter after years of faithful service, the lawyer will sit down with you and create a unique strategy that applies to your case and your case alone. For example, if you are new comer in New York or this is your first job, and you become pregnant, the employer threatens you with termination, or refuses to give you leave for childbirth the NYC law gives what is known as 'reasonable accommodations' which covers all the pregnancy and childbirth issues. From the employer's point of view reasonable accommodation means the employer's business should not suffer due to medical conditions associated with pregnancy.

A NY employment lawyer is not different from employment lawyers in other states. He or she still fight cases of discrimination, unlawful termination, and the rights of the employees, but the labor law in New York is different from the labor law of other states, particularly in the areas that do not come under the federal law. For example, minimum wages under the New York Labor Law is $13.50 per hour for businesses with 10 or less employees and $15/- for companies that have 11 or more employees. In Suffolk the minimum wage is $12.00 per hour. Therefore, if you are getting 13.50 per hour, the employer is not breaking any law, but if he is paying you $12 per hour he is breaking the law and you need to contact a New York Employment lawyer to fight your case and get you justice.

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