Hair loss which can also be called alopecia, or the common word “baldness” is a condition in which air is lost from one part of the body or head. For many individuals, the head is always involved, and the severity varies. Hair loss causes has been known to to cause psychological stress to people.

Different factors, such as infection, trauma, drugs and pregnancy have been tagged as the causes of hair loss in both male and female.

Hair clinics are hospitals that are specialized in the treatments of hair related sicknesses or diseases. Here, we have specialists who are skilled diagnosing hair problems, and treating them as well.

If you have discovered that something isn’t right with your hair, it might actually be time for you to fix an appointment with a top-notch Hair Clinic. In a good hair clinic, you will get to meet with a Trichologist. “Trichologist” is the name given to a physician who specialises in hair and scalp health, trichologists are able to figure out, and treat any kind of loss your hair might experience and they are skilled in hair transplant.

Now, you can you can consult with us to know the condition of your hair and the available treatments to combat any kind of problem or challenge that your hair might be faced with.

However, there are some things you should put in place before going to a hair clinic even after booking your appointment. Read along to know some of such things

Write out your Personal Information

Before going to see your hair doctor, writing a list of your personal details is a good idea. Your recent activities should be included in this list. Peradventure you just changed job, got into more stress lately because of what you now do, or any change that occurred in your life in recent times should be identified on this list as well. The reason is because one or more of these changes could be why your hair is unhealthy and falling off.

Write out your medical conditions and medications

Do you have a peculiar medical condition?  Have you been on medications before now? You should also answer these questions, if your answers are positive, you should write down the conditions and the medications you have been taking. You may even have to go to the hair clinic with the medications (Some hair clinics request this). The reason is because your hair loss might be as a result of your health condition or the medications you have been taking. Doing this will help the physician to know why you are experiencing hair loss.

Write out your questions

Some patients often have a thousand and one questions about their hair running through their mind while at home, but on getting to the clinic, all the questions just fly off. To avoid this, the best thing is to jot down your questions as they come too your mind before leaving your house, then go to your hair clinic with the list you’ve made.

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